Sony talk Blu-Ray with Microsoft

There were reports yesterday that Stan Glasgow, President of Sony Electronics, were having discussions with Microsoft about a possible move to incorporate a Blu-Ray player in the Xbox 360. This means that if true Sony would be making money from the sales of the 360 and the PS3! For more info on this check PS3 Fanboy.


10 Reasons why the PS3 is relevant again!

Being a bit of a geek I read a lot of stuff on technology that I am interested in. As an owner of a PS3 and defender of its existence I find any article that explains why it is relevant a good thing and something worth sharing to all those people who are are unsure of the choice between PS3 and XBox 360. PS3 Fanboy has produced such an article that clearly points outs the advantages of now owning a PS3 and why it will win the console war eventually! Check out 10 reasons why the PS3 is relevant again here.