4 weeks Monday

JetPlane.gifAs the weekend creeps back up on us all, I have only 1 thing on my mind. In 4 weeks this Monday my girlfriend and I will be getting on a jet plane and flying to New York. I know I may have mentioned this once or twice over the past few months (ok maybe three times) but time has certainly flew by and i cannot belive that we are soon going on our adventures.I must apologise to a few of my friends if I haven’t managed to yet come see you before I leave. I am working on it I promise. Organising a year trip is more work than I thought.


Donations please…

I know its a tad cheeky and I probably should have thought of doing it about 4 months ago but at the top of this page (if you haven’t already seen) is a Paypal Donate button that will allow you to donate a spare $10 to mine and my girlfriend’s travel fund. I was reading another blog earlier and it had a “donate $4 to my dental fund” button, and I thought that isn’t a bad idea!These helpful dollars could help us out when we reach Oz and we are a tad strapped and need to buy noodles so we can feed our withering frames! So if anyone out there is feeling generous and would like to help out a couple of travel bums then please feel free to help us out! Both of us would be very grateful and touched by your generosity.