Senuti – iPod mp3’s to your iTunes

icon_reflect.pngI have always been on the look our for a program for my Mac that would allow me to access my iPods mp3’s in case of lose of data etc. Well the other day I stumbled across a program called Senuti that is designed to do just that with very little fuss and it is very simple to use. All you do is download it here and install (Mac users only I am afraid) then before running, plug your iPod into your Mac whilst pressing the Apple Key and Alt. This stops iTunes from asking if you want to sync. Then run Senuti and haypresto within 10 secs it brings up a box with all your tunes ready to transfer back to iTunes. Now this is very good if you have had a harddrive failure and lost all your tunes or if you want to grab a tune or two from a friends iPod.Any thoughts would be most welcome.