Sell, Sell, Sell!!

Bobbie and I were up at 5am this morning so we could take a car full of tat to a field and sell it to people who collect this wonderful tat! We were both on form and sold our little hearts out. Whilst these skills were being observed by the general public, a fellow boot seller was arrested for selling dodgy DVD’s! How stupid can you get?If you are going to have a sideline of selling copied DVD’s then dont take it to a massive field and show your wares off to hundreds of people. Especially if two of those people are undercover police officers. The guy and his little girl were placed into the back of a police car, so he could watch all of his produce plus his car be taken away by the police! I doubt that he will learn either.As for the fantastic sellers, we came back with a very hansome profit of £197.00!We plan to change this cash into dollars and use it to treat ourselves when we are in New York!