How to: Get flawless online gaming with your PS3

Since the new PS3 update (2.20) and the new Call of Duty 4 patch, I and a few friends had quite a few problems gaming and hearing each other online. Joining a server was no problem but trying to join each other’s parties resulted in getting a Host Error. So I have done some digging around and have come up with a soloution. I have tested it and it seems to work. What we are trying to achieve by doing this is give your PS3 a static ip address and selecting the DMZ option on your router. Read on……..

Putting your PS3 into a DMZ (demilitarized zone) simply opens all of the ports on it. If you have the following problems, this is likely to fix it. 

  • Not being able to join rooms
  • Not being able to speak over your headset
  • Not being able to hear other people over their headset
  • Not being able to join private games
  • Any problems to do with connectivity to the PSN, especially if your computer will connect to the internet, but your PS3 won’t.

Part 1-(On PS3)


  • Firstly, you will need to assign your PS3 a static internal IP address. Normally whenever a device connects to your router it will be assigned a different internal IP address. These are normally,, and so on. Assigning a static one will ensure that your PS3 will get the same one every time it connects.
  • Go to the “Settings > Network Settings > Internet Connection Settings” option on the PS3 XMB. Choose whether you are using wireless or wired.
  • Both selections should show a page called “Address Settings”. Here you will need to select “Custom”. Another page will then display entitled “IP Address Setting”. The option “Manual” will need to be selected.
  • This will display a page where customizable IP Addresses are available to be entered.
  • IP Address – This will need to have the Static IP address in it. Use, simply because it is unlikely that 80 other devices will be connected at the same time.
  • Subnet Mask – always set to
  • Default Router – Is the internal IP Address of your router. 
    1. To get the exact ip of your router you should go to
    2. Start
    3. Run
    4. cmd [Hit Enter]
    5. Type in ipconfig and hit enter, this should come up with all the ip addresses to do with your computer and the network. The address you will need to enter in this option is listed as “Default Gateway”.
  • Primary DNS – Same IP Address as “Default Router”
  • Secondary DNS – Same IP Address as “Default Router”
  • Proxy � When you get to the proxy screen, select “Do not use Proxy”
  • MTU � Automatic
  • UPnP � Enabled

Part 2-(On PC)


  • In your Internet Browser, type the address of your default gateway, this will take you to your Router Configuration Page. Look for any mention of DMZ
  • When you have found this, it will ask you for the Static IP of the DMZ host. This is simply the Internal IP that you assigned your PS3. We used
  • Finally, turn off your Router, PC and PS3 for a few minutes to ensure that the new settings are loaded. Then your ready to go!






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After ignoring my site for a good 5 months I thought it best to remove the Adam Cook Photography theme and go back to what this blog did best – Geek out! So hopefully over the next month or so I will be taking a look at some cool stuff that interests me including write ups on PS3 games, cool programs for Apple Macs and anything else I feel I want to geek out on in my Geekdom!