Get traffic to your blog

Yesterday I came across a site that allows you to generate traffic to your blog by earning credits. BlogExplosion works by allowing you to surf their blog data base and review one blog after another for a total time of 30 seconds. This in turn earns you 1 credit per blog which can be traded in for a single unit of traffic. It took me a while to work out all the aspects of the site and what they actually do but once that was sorted I was away happily earning myself credits and reading some interesting blogs at the same time. Your credits can also buy you banner impressions with 1 credit = 36 impressions. These banners appear at the top right of the page and allow reader to click through and view your blog. You can also buy your traffic prices start at 500 credits for $5.50, which is quite a reasonable price I thought? Another cool feature is the Rent My Blog section which allows you to rent out a small space on your site for credits. This allows another blogger to have his site featured on yours for a period of 7 days. Its upto you how much you charge but at the moment I am charging just 25 credits a week, hopefully I will receive some interest and in turn more traffic. I cannot say enough how impressed I am with BlogExplosion and what it potentialy could do for you and your blog. Go forth and check it out and let me know your comments.