Video of the day – Man Cold


Jooce Read about on the BBC website the other day and then my friend Russ told me to check it out. What is it? Jooce is an online private desktop/space for “cyber nomads” who either don’t own a computer or are on the move a lot and are constantly in and out of internet cafes with their usb sticks. You can upload files, photos, bundle your instant messenger and email together in one easy to use place. Which means wherever you are in the world you can log in and access all your stuff as if you were carring around a laptop without the huge price tag! It has a great look to it, with an easy to use menu system which looks like a simplified OS X and the whole thing was built using flash giving it a very animated and fresh look.

If anyone has used Jooce or is going to sign up after reading this, then let me know what you thought of it. I have only used it for a short while so will jot down an update once I have used it more.