4 weeks Monday

JetPlane.gifAs the weekend creeps back up on us all, I have only 1 thing on my mind. In 4 weeks this Monday my girlfriend and I will be getting on a jet plane and flying to New York. I know I may have mentioned this once or twice over the past few months (ok maybe three times) but time has certainly flew by and i cannot belive that we are soon going on our adventures.I must apologise to a few of my friends if I haven’t managed to yet come see you before I leave. I am working on it I promise. Organising a year trip is more work than I thought.


9 weeks!!

From Monday the 3rd of April it will be exactly 9 weeks until Bobbie and I leave for New York and start our year long adventure. We have an appointment next week with the local nurse to talk about what jabs we might need to have. I think she will probably go for: Hepatitis A, Typhoid and a routine Tetanus shot. I am just hoping it won’t cost much because we can’t really afford to pay out huge amounts this close to going.On a different note, my first car is now up for sale on the worlds favourite auction site. I decided that it had had enough of chauffeuring me to and from work and racking up 400 miles a week in the process. The “shimms” had recently gone which had made the car sound more like a tractor and then only last week Bobbie’s dad had said that one of the cylinders might have gone which would account for the drop in performance and jerky behaviour when changing gear. So I thought I would save its dignity and not drive it any more before it broke down. Its starting bid is £100 and I’m hoping to get just a little more than that. We shall see on Sunday when the auction ends. If you would like share in the suspense than click here for more info.