Senuti – iPod mp3’s to your iTunes

icon_reflect.pngI have always been on the look our for a program for my Mac that would allow me to access my iPods mp3’s in case of lose of data etc. Well the other day I stumbled across a program called Senuti that is designed to do just that with very little fuss and it is very simple to use. All you do is download it here and install (Mac users only I am afraid) then before running, plug your iPod into your Mac whilst pressing the Apple Key and Alt. This stops iTunes from asking if you want to sync. Then run Senuti and haypresto within 10 secs it brings up a box with all your tunes ready to transfer back to iTunes. Now this is very good if you have had a harddrive failure and lost all your tunes or if you want to grab a tune or two from a friends iPod.Any thoughts would be most welcome.



After ignoring my site for a good 5 months I thought it best to remove the Adam Cook Photography theme and go back to what this blog did best – Geek out! So hopefully over the next month or so I will be taking a look at some cool stuff that interests me including write ups on PS3 games, cool programs for Apple Macs and anything else I feel I want to geek out on in my Geekdom!

iPod Touch

ipodtouch-hero.pngApple have released their newest edition to the iPod family called the iPod Touch. It looks very much like the sexy iPhone with a 3.5 inch widescreen display, multi-touch user interface which means no buttons or click wheel, Wi-Fi capable so you can download your favourite tracks straight from iTunes and surf the net using Safari and watching videos on You Tube. The iPod Touch is avaliable in two sizes, 8GB and 16GB and its dimensions are 110mm by 61.8mm by 8 mm. Its a big design leap from the last iPod update and I think its a welcome one, lets just hope they bring out a larger hardrive size as I won’t be able to fit all my music on otherwise! Apple keep the ground breaking products and designs coming!


Well the film of the year has hit the UK and like the geek I am I went to see the super advanced preview on Friday night at 12:05am and I was not disappointed! Every little boy’s fantasy came true as this super slick flick unpeeled before my eyes. I had always wondered what it would be like to look upon my Autobot toys as real life, walking, talking, shooting bad asses and it was a truly wonderful experience. The effects are top notch, the comedy is surprisingly good and they have tried to keep the cheese to a minimum. Only 1 character really annoyed me for his over the top acting which is pretty good for a summer blockbuster. If you have ever held a Transformer and wondered, what if… then this is the film for you! Go see it and love it!

What the f**k is Parkour?

Very funny video explaining the fundamentals of Parkour! Directed by Jon Riche.

5 weeks home!

We have been home for 5 weeks now and its strange how easily you slip back into your old life. You can chat to family and friends as if you have only been on a 2 week holiday not a year long life experience. Something else that is funny is it seems time stopped still for everyone else as soon as we left because everything is exactly the same. These observations are probably quite trivial but its amazing how much you can do in a year and how much time we waste just plodding along in life so we can pay the bills and buy stuff we don’t need! The scary thing is that I will slot back into this lifestyle as soon as I get some work and the past year is but a distant memory!

Getting work is taking longer than expected but I am applying everyday to jobs that I feel I can do and most importantly I will enjoy, so watch this space for job watch updates. Bobbie hasn’t found this problem and has got herself an ace job in Brighton working for a catalogue design agency, which she is very much enjoying! Good skills babe!


Welcome to the new look After a year away I felt the site could do with a fresh, more professional look. I aim to add more to my Portfolio over the next few weeks as I am in the market for a new job and I plan to generally tweek and fiddle until im happy.I would love some feed back on what people think of the new look. To do this just leave a comment at the bottom of this post.