How to: Get flawless online gaming with your PS3

Since the new PS3 update (2.20) and the new Call of Duty 4 patch, I and a few friends had quite a few problems gaming and hearing each other online. Joining a server was no problem but trying to join each other’s parties resulted in getting a Host Error. So I have done some digging around and have come up with a soloution. I have tested it and it seems to work. What we are trying to achieve by doing this is give your PS3 a static ip address and selecting the DMZ option on your router. Read on……..

Putting your PS3 into a DMZ (demilitarized zone) simply opens all of the ports on it. If you have the following problems, this is likely to fix it. 

  • Not being able to join rooms
  • Not being able to speak over your headset
  • Not being able to hear other people over their headset
  • Not being able to join private games
  • Any problems to do with connectivity to the PSN, especially if your computer will connect to the internet, but your PS3 won’t.

Part 1-(On PS3)


  • Firstly, you will need to assign your PS3 a static internal IP address. Normally whenever a device connects to your router it will be assigned a different internal IP address. These are normally,, and so on. Assigning a static one will ensure that your PS3 will get the same one every time it connects.
  • Go to the “Settings > Network Settings > Internet Connection Settings” option on the PS3 XMB. Choose whether you are using wireless or wired.
  • Both selections should show a page called “Address Settings”. Here you will need to select “Custom”. Another page will then display entitled “IP Address Setting”. The option “Manual” will need to be selected.
  • This will display a page where customizable IP Addresses are available to be entered.
  • IP Address – This will need to have the Static IP address in it. Use, simply because it is unlikely that 80 other devices will be connected at the same time.
  • Subnet Mask – always set to
  • Default Router – Is the internal IP Address of your router. 
    1. To get the exact ip of your router you should go to
    2. Start
    3. Run
    4. cmd [Hit Enter]
    5. Type in ipconfig and hit enter, this should come up with all the ip addresses to do with your computer and the network. The address you will need to enter in this option is listed as “Default Gateway”.
  • Primary DNS – Same IP Address as “Default Router”
  • Secondary DNS – Same IP Address as “Default Router”
  • Proxy � When you get to the proxy screen, select “Do not use Proxy”
  • MTU � Automatic
  • UPnP � Enabled

Part 2-(On PC)


  • In your Internet Browser, type the address of your default gateway, this will take you to your Router Configuration Page. Look for any mention of DMZ
  • When you have found this, it will ask you for the Static IP of the DMZ host. This is simply the Internal IP that you assigned your PS3. We used
  • Finally, turn off your Router, PC and PS3 for a few minutes to ensure that the new settings are loaded. Then your ready to go!






92 Responses

  1. the ps3 one did not work

    • ok..

      #1) make sure you bridge your modem to your wireless router. ISP should do that for you.
      -account number, possibly ss#

      #2) call sony for the port forwarding numbers, which are the same as the port triggering numbers.

      #3) call your wireless router company to get a walk through of how to’s to open the ports.

      #4) go for the static IP Address.

  2. Works Awesome thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi, I had trouble getting the IP address, but this helped, but getting the actual internet connection isn’t. The part where I had to put in the default gateway in the browser said that I had to make a username and password in it. But I don’t know why or what the password or username is. Is it specific? because I can’t make one up on it.

    • you are fucking dumb

    • For people reading this now and wondering the same thing, it is indeed specific for your brand/type of router or ISP’s modem/router. With many brands of routers it’s “admin” for both the username and password. If that doesn’t work you can refer to the user manual or just google it. For instance if you have a Cisco router it’s “Cisco default login” or something. It could be that the password is changed by someone before, in that case put it back on factory defaults, in most cases you can do that by holding the “reset” button on the back or bottom of the modem/router for a certain amount of seconds, e.g. 30 seconds.

  4. I tried it three times now. First off it will my router will not accept the ip address you said to put in the DMZ. It says it must be in the range I tried doing the same thing using The router accepted it and I used the same ip on the ps3. After testing the connection it still says nat type 3. If you have any other advice I would love to hear it. Otherwise I think my ps3 is going to get flight lessons.

    • buy a new router like the cisco wrvs4400n little pricy yes but with gigabit lan and wireless n best one out there for it…

  5. Doing this changed my NAT from Type 3 To Type 2.
    Also, on modern warfare 2, my Nat Type changed from STRICT to OPEN.

    Time to see if my friend and i can join each others parties

  6. i did everything but it wont bring the configure page when i type the gateway address

  7. did not work.

  8. “In your Internet Browser, type the address of your default gateway, this will take you to your Router Configuration Page. Look for any mention of DMZ”

    when i typed in the default gateway it asked for username and password and i do not know what to do from there. if i hit cancel it says ‘401 requires authorization’. please help.

    • Look at the name of the router. Then type in google Default username and password for “blah blah router” it will give you it. Mine is D-lynk so i type it up and says default is Admin and password. Try that out

  9. “In your Internet Browser, type the address of your default gateway, this will take you to your Router Configuration Page. Look for any mention of DMZ”

    when i typed in the default gateway it asked for username and password and i do not know what to do from there. if i hit cancel it says ‘401 requires authorization’. please help.

    • this means you must log in as the administrator of your router. when you first set up your wireless router in your home, this was a step in the installment of your router. if you do not remember it, you might have to either 1) contact your internet provider (comcast,TDS, etc.) and ask them for it, they may give you a reset option. or 2) go through your network settings on the PC with the primary settings and try to log on there. that’s all i can think of for this.

  10. when i get to the pc part it doesnt give me the option of setting the static ip in the dns settings but it asks for the last number of the private ip. the static ip listed is also different from the one i put in my ps3.?

  11. Can i still do this if i dont own a pc?

  12. i could not find any mention of the DMZ on my system settings on the pc

  13. Still having the same problem. I did exactly what you’ve explained and I’m still not being able to find machtes on Red Dead Redemption. Any other tips?

    • I tried it but did not work. Even tried set modem to DMZ but that did nothing. Don’t know what else to do. Can’t get anybody online with Red Dead either…

    • this is for darqpassenger: In you router go to address translation and there are 3 choices. Click on the box that say’s NAT, not the port forwarding. Call your interent provider and get your primary and secondary DNS then go to your playstation network settings, add the IP address that was list in the box you checked for NAT and add the DNS numbers and reboot your router then it will work.

  14. For anyone that said that they needed a login for there router just type in for Username:admin Password:password I hope this helped some people 🙂

  15. It worked but it put me from NAT3 to NAT2 is there a big diff from NAT2 and NAT1

  16. I tried this. But the UPnP says unavailable when I put enabled. The NAT Type Failed. And I disconnected from my router before I could even get up to part 2 along with the fact it was due to an error code.

  17. Awesome! After my friend and i cannot connect to a private game for a week! I would like to say thank you very much for this wonderful post. You gave an answer to our longstanding problem… Morepower n keep up the good work

  18. didn’t work when I typed in ipconfig the box popped up and then disappears heeellppp. also what exactly is the “address of the default gateway” mean ?

  19. I followed all the steps n my PS3 connects to the Internet through the new IP address but the NAT type is still 3.
    I even took out the firewall from my PC. I have DSL. Please help!

  20. this reall works great and is so simple thanks for that hope everyone else gets sorted my nat type is now open and i tried forwarding ports and everything else out there ty


    to get your default gateway address, goto Start, Run, type “cmd”, hit enter, type “ipconfig”, hit enter. look where it says default gateway. enter that number into your browser search bar and type “admin” for the password. hope this helps

  22. this is making my ps3 freeze… any thoughts on whats wrong? my network at home runs my cable service too there are 2 networks ones open no password the other is but i dont know much about it cuz the isp tech installed it all.

  23. what if you have NAT type 2 on your internet settings on ps3 but when playing black ops it still says NAT type strict how do i get it say open ?

  24. I tried everything today to get online with the ps3 and no luck! I came across this site finally and followed your steps and it worked GREAT!!:
    •IP Address – This will need to have the Static IP address in it. Use, simply because it is unlikely that 80 other devices will be connected at the same time.
    •Subnet Mask – always set to
    •Default Router – Is the internal IP Address of your router.
    1.To get the exact ip of your router you should go to
    4.cmd [Hit Enter]
    5.Type in ipconfig and hit enter, this should come up with all the ip addresses to do with your computer and the network. The address you will need to enter in this option is listed as “Default Gateway”.
    •Primary DNS – Same IP Address as “Default Router”
    •Secondary DNS – Same IP Address as “Default Router”
    •Proxy � When you get to the proxy screen, select “Do not use Proxy”
    •MTU � Automatic
    •UPnP � Enabled


  25. Trying to get open Nat on husbands ps3, I followed the above step to a T and still says type 3 when I do the connection test 😦 HELP what am i doing wrong

  26. im on the last step and it wont let me type in any Ip’s

  27. hey thanks it did work but on black ops the NAT type is still strict ima doing some thing wrong or is it the games falt?

  28. I did the whole setup, but it wont connect to the internet… says “NAT TYPE FAILED”. I do have an IP address now.

    How to I fix the NAT type

  29. i did everything rite but when i put the ps3 into the dmz it changes the nat type from open to strict can any1 help?

  30. THIS FIXED ALL thx bro. Don’t hate if u don’t know what the hell you are doing just come out and say it guarantee you that 90% if not more of you who say it don’t work did it wrong or just don’t know how to.

    So don’t bitch at him because this will work.

    He did everything a network specialist would tell you, STABILIZE YOUR DAM PS3 IP , OPEN PORTS(Dmz mode) and wallah

  31. Ive followed the steps also. My nat type was always 2. but i get moderate when in mw2. how do i change that to open.. i have my ps3 on static and dmz so this ip is outside the routers firewall. i have also port forwarded also but this seem reduntant as dmz removes it from any nat.
    any clues?

    • @ned, i have the same problem as urs. i play fifa online nat type 2, and moderate firewall status…yet my game still lags…i’ve put my ps3 in dmz, but no luck…i am not sure whether the dmz is even working or not ..

  32. i have no problem getting online on my ps3 , but i lags all the time..tried dmz, but no luck…my ps3 is hooked up with the ethernet cable an the internet speed is 9 mbps download…

  33. I did everything you said, but it only brought my NAT from strict to moderate. Anyone have a clue what I did wrong or what the problem is?

    • My NAT stayed at moderate too. I am computer savvy enough and know I did everything right as well. Reboot all components after reconfiguring… No idea what to do next.

  34. hey,
    when i want to type in my IP adress on my ps3 i can only put in 4 numbers? hows that?

  35. Done everything suggested on this website, however I still get the Online Status fetching playlists and that. Done the DMZ, restarted pc, ps3 and router. What am I doing wrong?

  36. This coop lag issue is killing the gfame. Piece a crap programing!

  37. hey i got the technicolor tg587nv3 i have tried this and a whole lot of ways but nothing works! 😦

  38. […] about changing settings, static ip's and DMZ for the router. is this recommended? (which ive read HERE also we have another much much newer router at home, but we havent bothered to install it yet. […]

  39. im pretty sure i followed these steps for the PS3 part but i can not find any mention of DMZ or anything…and when i try to sign in to the PSN it says “an error occured uring communication with the server. this is a DNS error.” please help me out!

  40. i server keep on timing out

  41. This didn’t work at all it just fucked my shit up! Now i dont have internet at all!!!!

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  43. So I’m up to the last part and there’s no mention of DMZ on the page. Anyone got any ideas? Please reply!! x

  44. thank you!!

  45. Done all that, but now the ps3 tells me that there an error 80710102??? Any advice for me??

  46. Why users still make use of to read news papers when in this technological globe everything
    is accessible on net?

  47. When I changed all these things on my ps3 and I want to test my connection it tells me that the Ip was completed but the connection failed??

  48. i cant find the DMZ on the webpage?

  49. I just did this and my PS3 is moving streaming stuff way faster thanks!

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    which i am going to convey in academy.

  51. i’ve done all the steps exactly and it keeps saying obtain IP address failed. does anyone know if there’s a way to figure this out? thanx

  52. thanks it was worked for me

  53. […] Found this on sony support page. Think it will work if you can understand it m8. Credit to the op Ray186: Re: How do I hook up 2 PS3's on the same router and not time out??? Options ‎01-03-2011 05:15 PM Assign both PS3's a different static ip. Instructions here: Setting a static IP address on the Playstation 3 – Then go to this page click the skip ad tab in the upper right corner and scroll down and find your router: Setting a static IP address on the Playstation 3 – Then open the following ports: TCP: 80 443 5223 10070-10080 UDP: 3478 3479 3658 10070 Then on the other PS3 put it into your routers DMZ: How to: Get flawless online gaming with your PS3 | Adam Cook […]

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  55. heeeeeeelp me!! i did the ps3 part and all it worked. but at the pc part i found the dmz option. and the options are enable or disable.. and then there is 2 options dynamic ip witg only one options that is session 1 and the second choice is static ip. now if i choose the secon and fill it in. it want form me to fill the client pc ip address. my question is how do i get that?

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    know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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  63. Hi,

    maybe some 1 here will be able to help me…

    IM LOST!

    I have tried for 3 days now with anything you can think of and nothing works… I have the black ops 2 and I try to update after six months that I didn’t touch my fat PS3 And I get an error saying corrupted data.. After 14% the installation stops. One update 268 mb and it works and just before it goes on to the next one which is 117 mb I think.. I stop it and the update works, but not the 2nd update. I try to update infamous2 and it works.. I tried to to change my DNS etc.. I’m lost…

    Plz help me guys


  64. This worked flawlessly on my PS4 for COD AW. This is the only fix I have ever found that works so thank you very much, I for one am extremely grateful.

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  66. what do i do if my ps3 won’t connect to psn??

  67. Very bad idea to open a DMZ up to me 🙂

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  73. I can’t find dmz settings is it different on arris router

  74. Found DMZ setting but ip address not working for ps3

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