Its all over!

We have been back in the UK for nearly 3 days now and I must say it feels rather strange to think that all that travelling is over! I feel like we should be getting ready to push off again in a few days preparing ourselves for the next destination but of course it is no more and we wont be doing it for quite a while. It is good to be back seeing family and friends again, its like we have only been away on a 2 week holiday and I just think it will take time to get used to staying in one place.

We landed at Heathrow at around 5.30am on Tuesday to a brilliant reception from Sandy, Laurie, Russ and Rich. Whilst waiting for Rich to catch his bus we decided to go have a coffee but instead ended up having 3 vodka and cokes each (except Laurie) all before 7.30am!! Great fun! Bobs and I are off to my parents on Monday for a week holiday to catch up with the family which I am really looking forward to. Once we have done all that we will have to turn our attention to job hunting and to thinking about what I actually want to do for the next few years. I would still love to pursue a career in a Photoshop environment but who knows what the world has in-store for me, we will just have to wait and see.

I have just uploaded our latest and last photo installment which consists of our time in Vietnam and Thailand.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

Well that’s my last post with a travel theme for a while, but I have enjoyed all the feed back I have been getting so keep checking out the site for other fascinating subjects as I think of them.

Until then… 

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  1. youre about the valleys this week then?should give me a ringding…lets catch can tell me all about your viking travels and i can tell you all about living at home with my mummy and daddy.

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