Thailand: Koh Toa

Koh Toa is a perfect chill out island. Its the furthest island from the mainland and the best for snorkelling and diving. We spent 3 nights at Sairee beach where all the night life is and then 6 nights at Chalok Ban Koa beach which is a lot more relaxed and easy going. Most of our time has been spent sunbathing or shade bathing when the sun gets to much but we did manage to pull ourselves away from the beach long enough to go on a great snorkelling trip where we got to see baby black tipped reef sharks. It was really cool to see because they looked like the sharks everyone gets nervous around but they were only 2 – 3 feet long. Hopefully I got some decent shots with our under water camera but we will have to wait and see. The only other eventful thing that happened on Toa was me ripping out my toe nail from my little toe in a restaurant using a chair! I stood up to see what the restaurant pizzas were like and the chair was metal and heavier than I thought and I kind of stood up then back down really quick and the leg of the chair came down on my toe and ripped the nail clean off! It hurt like hell and I can’t go into the sea until it heals because of all the bacteria that can breed in the warm water. Oh well, least I didn’t break my toe in the process!


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