Thailand: Bangkok

Our last country on our list before heading home is Thailand and our first port of call was the very hot very hectic Bangkok! We decided to stay only a few nights just so we could get a feel for the place but not to long as the beaches were calling us. To be honest didn’t really enjoy Bangkok that much, its a very seedy place with a big gathering of gap year students which made us feel a tad old. On our first night we went out and Matt and I got quite drunk of the local Chang beer, don’t remember much of the evening apart from drunkenly trying to sew up my short pockets?!  The second day Bobs and me with a ‘Chang’ over walked to the Grand Palace just around the corner and spent a few hours wandering around the amazing collection of temples and grand buildings. Then the heat got to us so we ducked off back to the guesthouse pool for a well earned dip. The next morning at 3.30 am we checked out and headed for the airport for our flight to Koh Samui. I had a 30 second stress because I thought I had lost my credit card but luckily I hadn’t and Matt & Chelle had a 5 min stress at the airport because they thought they had lost there passports, this also turned out to be a false alarm. Nothing like an early bout of stress to wake you up in the morning!!! Once in Koh Samui we jumped on the fast boat to the beautiful island of Koh Toa. We have been here for 3 nights already and it has been great. The sun has been out everyday and its been at least 35 degrees. The sea is bath temperature and the snorkelling is good. Off to snorkel Shark Bay today and hopefully see a black tip reef shark. We are heading back to Koh Samui on my birthday to stay at a posh resort for a couple of days which should be wicked.

Will let you know what happens…


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