Vietnam: Hue

After spending another night in Hanoi we all jumped on a sleeper bus for our 12 hour journey to Hue (Whey). This was an experience in itself because there were 38 beds aboard the single decker coach and each bed was thinner and shorter than I am! We passed the time by watching a few episodes of Heroes we bought on DVD for $10 before catching some Zzzzz until the bus pulled up in Hue at around 6am. Hue is better known for its temples and the Perfume River that flows through the centre of the city. It didn’t have the same crazy vibe as Hanoi and didn’t really inspire us that much. We only stayed 2 night as a result. The only thing we did here apart from booking flights to Bangkok was a $2 tour up the Perfume River to visit some temples and tombs. The tour itself was a tad boring and a bit of a tourist trap as nothing was included except a bowl of rice for lunch. We felt a bit cheated but then remembered we only paid $2 for a full day tour so we couldn’t really complain. We saw some great scenery and lots of local people working the land, a big change from Hanoi!


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