Vietnam: Hoi An

We are now in the beautiful and ancient town of Hoi An about 500km south of Hanoi. Its also the last stop we will be making in Vietnam before flying to Bangkok on the 15th of May. We were going to stop off in Cambodia but time is precious and as we only have 3 weeks until we hit UK soil we decided that a 2 week stint lying on a beach was needed.

Hoi An is famous for its tailors that line the main street showing off there dress and suit making skills, its one of the reasons we wanted to come here because both Bobbie and I need suits for job interviews and various weddings for when we get home. A cashmere wool suit with shirt coast we 50 quid, so I bought 2! With any suit you need a pair of shoes so I had a pair of Versace shoes made for 19 quid, bargain!! Bobs also brought 2 suits and 4 pairs of shoes, she went a little shoe crazy but bless her she hasn’t seen any high heels in 11 months!

Hoi An is a very pretty place and is now a world heritage place due to its well preserved examples of 15th -16th century architecture that display local and foreign influences. We have had some great meals here due to its French influence and all at a fraction of western prices.

Have really enjoyed Vietnam and am glad we made the effort to come see this beautiful country. It makes a change to our mostly western choices in countries. As I said earlier we are off to Bangkok on the 15th and then to Ko Tao island on the 17th for a week and then I think we are spending a week on Ko Samui before heading back to Singapore on the 4th to fly home.

See you all soon… 


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