Vietnam: Hanoi City

Well we finally left Singapore and we are now smack bang in the middle of the bustling city of Hanoi in northern Vietnam. Its a brilliant place not what I was expecting in the slightest. Our guesthouse is right in the old quarter, where all the streets are narrow and full of people trying to sell almost anything. Some of the houses / shops here are only 2 metres wide but 5 stories high which looks rather odd, but the reason for this is the shop owners get taxed on how much floor space they have and so they tend to build up instead of out. The old quarter as the name suggest is the oldest part of the ancient merchant town and is full of bars and cheap restaurant. All the people here are tiny and they have a good laugh at the blond curly haired giant that’s roaming around they home town. We don’t get hassled half as much as we thought we would which surprised me quite a bit. You get the odd little old lady trying to sell you pineapple or a hat but that’s about is. We are eating out every night and the cost for 2 meals and a few beers is about 3 quid, bargain! Why didn’t we come here sooner?? The food is excellent  and even Bobs is trying a new dish each night. She has also almost mastered the art of the chop sticks, which was quite funny to watch!

Our old travel buddies Matt & Chelle turned up last night and so we went out and got drunk on 16 quid and caught up on what each of us have been doing. We have just booked a trip to Halong Bay for Friday, where we will spend 2 nights 3 days exploring the regions caves and beautiful beaches whilst sleeping on a traditional Junk Rig. We have heard good things about the trip so we are all looking foward to it.

Thats all for now folks…


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