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We landed in Singapore on Thursday afternoon to hot sticky weather, cheap duty free and the promise of shopping heaven (Bobbies words not mine). After visiting the Info centre we headed down the the MRT (tube) station and bought two very cheap tickets to our hostel location. After wandering around and sweating quite a bit we managed to find our hostel, which is very small, clean and quiet.

Once the inital amazement of how many shopping malls there are in this big city, small country. Things can get a bit boring because all there is really to do here is shop and eat. The Singaporeans love it and have a huge pasion for both but when you are on a shoestring it can get old very quickly (shopping not eating). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike this haven of fashion I just don’t think my feet can take another 9 hour window shopping trip! Plus we have to come back here to fly out so we don’t want to see everything otherwise we will be screwed.

Anyway, enough moaning. We fly out to ‘Nam’ tomorrow afternoon where all things are cheap and not a shopping mall in sight. Bliss! 


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