Cairns & The East Coast

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Our final leg of Australia is upon us, its gone pretty quickly. We have been in this vast  country since October and we have enjoyed every part of it…

We left Dunsborough around 4.30pm the day before Easter Sunday by bus which took us to directly to Perth. From there we caught a plane to Cairns (north east Oz) which took a detour to Melbourne. This trip took us around 12 hours and we arrived lunch time Easter Sunday!

Cairns is totally different to anywhere else we have been in Oz so far. Its very tropical and whilst we were there it rained quite a lot as it was just coming out of their wet season. We decided to go straight away and book our Barrier Reef trip and Whitsundays trip as our time frame for the east coast is only 2 weeks.

On the day of our Reef trip the weather didn’t look great but our bus to Port Douglas still picked us up so we thought ‘great the trip is still on’. When we got there however the crew of the Quicksilver Supersonic (our boat to the reef) was advising people not to go out because the wind was 25/33 knots and the swell within the reef was 2 metres plus! They also said they took people out the day before and people were being sick and it was a really bad day. Bobs and I debated it for a few minutes and decided not to go because Bobs isn’t great on the water and after our crazy boat trip in Fiji we didn’t want to try it again. So we ended up coming home a bit disappointed up $300 up. The rest of our time in Cairns we spent looking around and getting wet.

On the Wednesday after Easter we picked up our Wicked Van. Its a really cool looking van, black and gold in colour with black flames up the side. We have dubbed him "Flame Boy". We headed just a little bit north on our first day to a place called Kuranda and checked out an Aboriginal owned art gallery which stocked art work, didgeridoos, boomerangs etc. I bought myself a nice hand made club boomerang to go with my Patu club I bought in New Zealand.

The next day we headed south and checked out a few small places before spending the night at Wallaman Falls, Australia’s highest single drop waterfall. The following day we carried on and made it to Airlie Beach, the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands. We had booked ourselves on to the Tall Ship Defender which is a 1905 built schooner. The next day was our sailing day and we awoke to sunny weather which we were both relived at. Once on the ship we cruised out of the port before pulling up the sails and cruising off to our first island, Hook Island and Blue Pearl Bay. Here we did some snorkeling in our stinger suits to protect us from the still present jelly fish that live in the waters from November to April. The snorkeling was pretty good and we got to see plenty of fish, one of them being pretty huge.

That night we had a good meal, a few rums (it was a pirate ship after all) and some good conversation with friends Patrick & Molly. The following day was more snorkeling but at Butterfly bay and lunch before heading back to land at around 4.30pm. It was a great couple of days the crew were really cool, they even let Patrick and I help in the raising of the sails for our return journey, sweet!

After Arlie we spent a few days working our way south before hitting Rainbow beach and Fraser Island. Now due to our time frame we only had enough time for a day tour on the worlds largest sand island, but it proved to be a really cool day with dingo spotting, swimming in the pure waters of lake Mckenzie, walking through the rain forest in the centre of the island and 4×4 driving down the beach as the sun was setting. Money well spent!

We are now in Byron Bay and enjoying the sun. We had a quick look at Surfers Paradise yesterday and we may stay there tomorrow night before dropping the van off in Brisbane on Tuesday. We are flying to Sydney as it was cheaper than renting the van for longer and then we have two nights in Sydney before flying out of Australia to Singapore and our Asia Adventures.

We have decided to take a look at Vietnam where we are meeting up with our old buddies Matt & Chelle (hey chumps!), then work our way through Cambodia and into Thailand where we will hopefully sit on a beach before hopping back on a plane and heading back HOME!!!

But before Home there is still South East Asia so stay tuned for more crazy tales…


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