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5am in the morning we jumped on the Mulga’s Rock Tour bus with Matt and Michelle who arrived the day before via plane from Adelaide  and with Panky, our guide for the next 2 days and a random mix of other backpackers. First stop was Kings Canyon which was a good 6 hour drive away. We arrived at 12 midday and got straight on a 3 hour hike  – lovely at 2pm which is the hottest time of day out here! The walk was great but we were all glad when we were able to jump in a fresh water hole and have a swim, phew! Back on the bus and we headed out into the bush to make camp for the night! We slept in swags – glorified sleeping bags made of canvas with SLIGHTLY thicker bases. That night we made a fire and Panky cooked us up a chilli con carne made with camel meat. It was real tasty! We then spent most of the night staring at the amazing stars before bedding down in our swags for the night. I kept getting woken up by the strange shufflings – kept thinking it was spiders!

Next morning was Bobbie’s birthday and we all had to get up at 5am. We all jumped on the bus and headed off to the Olgas for another 3 hour hike. After the hike we went onto the Ayers Rock resort where we were supposed to camp that night and went swimming in the pool. After a quick lunch we jumped back on the bus and went for a quick guided walk around some of the base of Uluru and popped into the cultural centre to learn a bit more about Aboriginal life. We then headed to our sunset viewing spot of Uluru and Panky cooked us a Thai Green Curry whilst we started on the beer and watched the sunset reflect off of Uluru with an amazing colour show. Panky asked us if we wanted to stay at the resort or head back into the bush to camp for another night, the bush won hands down!! As it was Bobbie’s birthday we built a big fire, had a chocolate birthday cake, and drank beer whilst playing a game called "get your arses off your swags if you’ve ever…" which was really funny and became even better when we were all pissed.

Next day we were up at 4am to get to Uluru to watch the sunrise. We got there first and bagged our spot whilst Panky made us breakfast so that we could eat while the sun rose. After the sunrise we started the 9km base walk around Uluru. It took us a couple of hours but it was well worth it.  Finally we were dropped back at the pool and had to say a sad farewell to Panky and the gang which we did by mooning them as they drove off! Spent a couple of hours swimming then got a shuttle to the airport to fly to Perth!



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