Perth and Dunsborough

Photos for this post here

We landed in sweaty Perth the day before Australia Day. It was 40 degrees and it was like stepping into an oven. Australia Day we met up with Matt and Chelle and their mates Sonia and Wayne to watch the fireworks over the city from across the Swan River. At 10pm at night it was still 30 degrees but we managed to get drunk and stagger half way across the city back to our hostel which was a lot of fun. 

We intended to look for jobs and a place to live in Perth but I didn’t really like Perth cos it was a sweaty city and i’ve seen enough of those. Sooooo we decided to jump on a bus and mission it down to Dunsborough to catch up with our mates from Fiji, Shaz and Oyster! Dunsborough was a breath of fresh air – gorgeous beaches and relaxed attitude. The hostel we stayed in – Dunsborough Beach Lodge – was great and hi to everyone, we miss you! After 2 days I’d landed a job labouring for a local couple in Eagle Bay, Ken and Fi – hi guys! – and Ken kindly lent me his 4×4 Mercedes to get around in. I learnt a lot from my 2 months working with these guys, especially how to build rough cut stone walls so if anyone at home wants a wall built, I’ll be back in 2 months! Meanwhile Bobs landed herself a job at a swanky Bunkers Beach Cafe where she spent her evenings swilling back wine, eating pizza and earning tips to pay for my beer, ace!

We had a real ace time in Dunsborough and saved up enough money to do the East Coast and Asia! Thanks to Shaz and Oyster and everyone at the hostel for making our time in Dunsborough a real pleasure – cheers Stef!

On the 7th April we sadly said goodbye to Dunsborough and caught the bus back to Perth to embark on a 12 hour journey to Cairns…


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