Alice Springs

Photos for this post here.

5am the next day we awoke in our underground dorm room eager to see what adventures this day will bring. We had another 6 or 7 hours riding in the bus so I prepared myself for getting my legs squashed for the second day in a row. 6am we were all showered and fed and back on the bus ready to hit the road. The sun was coming up over the red barren earth that is Coober as we drove away and it would have been a great picture if we hadnt been in the bus. 

So at about 1pm we rolled into a very lush, green Alice Springs something that alot of people don’t see unless heavy rains have hit the town which is what happened in our case a few days previously. The rains had been so heavy that the Todd River was flowing which is quite a rare occurrence! Anyway we got settled into Annie’s Place and then got taken on a tour around Alice, seeing such things as the Flying Doctors unit, The old pump that represents the original spring that named the town and then we were taken up to Anzac Hill which  gives you a wicked panoramic view of the whole of Alice Springs. That evening we had a meal provided by the hostels kitchen which was pretty good and we had a couple of beers with the people we had shared the bus with. Most of them were going straight into the Uluru trip in the morning, where Bobs and I had a day off from the tour because we were waiting for Matt & Chelle to arrive from Adelaide and then we would join a new tour group the following day…


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