The Great Ocean Road & Adelaide

Photo’s for this post here.

OK so we hit the highway the morning after Neighbours night all feeling worse for wear and the only thing that would help us feel better was a Burger King! This was easily done and after we all felt like we could enjoy the journey and so we headed off to Torquay and the start of The Great Ocean Road.

For those of you that are not familiar with TGOR then click here for a brief history. We decided to break up TGOR and see it over a period of 2 days before we headed up the coast to Adelaide. On the first day we saw some spectacular ocean views and some cheeky Koalas sleeping in their native eucalyptus tree which was really cool as it was our first glimpse of them. We also got to check out the ever so cool Split Point Lighthouse which was used in the popular TV show Around The Twist…Does anyone remember that one?? On our second day we travelled through some bizarre wet weather which created an eerie mist over the road and surrounding woodland and made me think we were on Bodmin Moore or something! Our main highlight of the day though was seeing The Twelve Apostles, London Bridge and a brilliant blue lake that changes colour with the seasons!

The next day we headed up the coast to Adelaide in the pouring rain thus ending our trip down The Great Ocean Road. This famous scenic drive is a great one and I would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t done it yet but for me it wasn’t what I was expecting because many people we have met have said “its just astounding” and I don’t think you can say that unless you have been around New Zealand and I think that was what I was comparing it too the whole time we were heading down that road.

We only stayed in Adelaide for 1 night as we were being picked up the next morning early by the Mulgas Tour who would be our guide to Alice Springs via Coober Pedy and then from Alice Springs to the amazing Uluru. Arriving in Adelaide also marked the end to our trip with Matt & Chelle (Ahhhh) which was quite sad but not really because they were fly up to Alice Springs to join us on the Uluru part of our trip (Yay)…


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