Neighbours Night

Photo’s for this post here  

After Phillip Island we headed up the coast and back to Melbourne. It was great to get back to a place we had spent so much time in and it allowed us to give Matt & Chelle a grand tour of in my opinion Australia’s best city. But the tour wasn’t the only plan we had for Melbourne, we also wanted to try out the every so cheesy but a must for English backpackers…Neighbours Night.

This involves a few hundred drunk backpackers and 3 Neighbours stars all under one roof trying to get to know each other within the space of one photograph. We hooked up with Matt & Steve who we met at New Year and we all went and got very drunk and had a ball. The girls went Neighbours mad and as soon a star turned up they pounced. Who were our stars I hear you cry…well we had the classic Paul Robinson, the ever loveable Toadie and a woman I didn’t really know called Ginelle. 

The next day we all woke with terrible hangovers and a long drive down the Great Ocean Road. We had planned to take a quick detour to Ramsey Street but we all felt like crap and decided against it…


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