Whats been happening!

Ok so its been far too long since I have given you good people back home an update on whats been happening on this trip. As you can probably guess we have been pretty busy and interent prices have been getting more expensive in every town we have been in. Now on my last post I think I got to Phillip Island so I will start there and try and be brief as not to bore anyone…

Phillip Island is quite a large island off the south coast just below Melbourne. It is joined to the main land by a rather long bridge and it is one of the few places you can see Fairy Penguins. This is what most people come to Phillip Island for and we joined the masses to do the same. You basically turn up with a few hundred other people and all congreate on the beach to watch these tiny creatures emerge from the sea at sunset, they then make there way to their nests and make a load of noise because they are happy to be home and see all their friends (very sociable creatures). Unfortuanatly we weren’t aloud to take any photos because it scares the little buggers even more than a few hundred people gawping at them as they get home from a hard days swimming and eating. It was really good fun though and we all had a good time, especailly Bobbie and Chelle as they gushed over each one saying how cute they were.

Right I have to go back to work so more adventure stories tomorrow!


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