Alice here we come!

Hi guys, its been a while since my last post so I thought I had better catch you up on what we have been up to since Christmas.

We caught a coach to Sydney on the 30th of December and it was a short 12 hour trip. Wasn’t to bad as it goes as we had films being played almost all the way and it wasn’t to cramped. We rocked up to the big city dreading what we were going to find as our accomadation as we had booked it online through a dodgy site. The Barker Lodge however turned out to be pretty sweet and wasn’t to far from Kingscross where Matt & Chelle were staying. New Years Eve was totally AWESOME and we all had loads of fun. We started the day with a cooked brekkie and then we walked to the Botanical Gardens where we were confronted with a HUGE queue. Luckily a mate of Matt & Chelle’s had already been in the queue for around an hour and he invited us to come and stand with him and his peeps! Once in we found a spot and went mad on the beer and wine until midnight. When the $4million big bang happened we had secured ourselves a sweet spot with a great view of the harbour and that famous bridge! (video & pics coming soon!) Needless to say the next day was a total right off and I think Bobs and I spent most of the day in bed.

After New Year we picked up our hire car with Matt & Chelle and set off for the south east coast. Our first stop was a cool town called Wollengong which had awesome beaches. Now I’m sure those of you that have had emails from Bobs have heard about a little car incident involving me, our beast of a car and Chelle?! Well I would like to explain what happened without Bobbies biased twist to the tale! On the first day in Wollengong I offered to drive back from the beach, it was the first time I had driven it and when you see the pics you will see it is a beast and longer than anything I have ever driven! Everything went smoothly until we entered the underground car park of our hostel, it was a very small tight place not great for our beasty car. Anyway, I whipped it into a space and didn’t get it first time so Chelle offered to guide me in. So she stood right in front of me at the end of the car park space and I manovered the car forward, now remember this car has a long bonnet and its my first drive of it. Chelle kept waving me forward so of course I kept coming and coming and coming but Chelle didnt say stop so I kept going forward until a pained look came onto her face and she suddenly shouted “Reverse, reverse, f***ing reverse!!” This I did in a rather “what the hell is going on” manner and Chelle came from the front of the car clutching her knees and crying quite alot. As you can guess I had kept moving forward until I crushed her knees and she squealed with pain! Ouch! I feel real bad about it but am adamnt that it wasn’t all my fault as Chelle should have said stop!

Anyway after that the rest of out stay in Wollengong went very smoothly and we even visited the biggest Buddist temple in the Southern Hemisphere so I could wash away my driving sins! ha ha!

After Wollengong we headed further south and hit quite a few little towns and their beaches before crossing inland and hitting Canberra. The capital city of Australia is a very clinical place and not one of us really liked it that much, so not much to tell.

We then set off south but still inland and went to a little skiing town called Thredbo which is part of the Snow Mountain National Park. This place was absolutely beautiful and well worth a look either in summer or winter. We climbed to the top of the highest point in Oz whilst we we there. Its called Mount Kosciuszko and it towers 2,228 metres above sea level. It only took us 1 hour and 45 mins but we did have the help of a ski lift for the first few metres!

After Thredbo we hit a little place called Lakes Entrance which is on the south coast. Not much happened so I will move on to Phillip Island.


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  1. hey guys how r u, sorry i havent really been around been a busy bee! i have a new number so i will email that to u? i have a new job i am now a part itme barmaid!!! in the queen victoira in stroud!!! woohoo! hope all i well love u guys very much. em xxx

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