Belated Merry Christmas!

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    I know its a few days late but Merry Christmas! I trust everyone had a jolly old time with plenty of food and drink to fill even the heartiest of eaters?! As you probably know Bobbie and I spent Christmas in Melbourne, Australia. It was quite strange to spend it away from family and friends but that’s not to say we did not have a good one because we most certainly did. The weather even went all british and became cold and wet, which was not suprising as this is Melbourne after all! We spent the day with our friends Anna & Fergus (whom we met in The Cook Islands) and their friend Adam. We cooked up a mighty Christmas dinner of turkey stuffed with sage and onion stuffing, thyme and 1 large lemon. Roast potatoes, chipolata’s wrapped in bacon, brussel sprouts, carrots and peas. Then we followed that with warm mince pies and brandy custard and/or double cream! Whilst eating we polished off 4 bottles of sparkling wine and a quite a few beers and after dinner we consumed 2 bottles of whiskey, a bottle of Baileys and some vodka. By the end of the day we were all very merry, so merry in fact that we ended up playing poker with left over peas and a box of matches as poker chips. Great fun!

The next day we awoke feeling pretty out of it but we still managed to go and phone our folks and wish them a Merry Christmas, just! We had to go back to bed for a little while after. That evening we met up with Anna & Fergus and decided to go see ‘The Holiday’ at the cinema. If any one is wondering if this festive film is worth seeing then my answer to you is… NO, ITS RUBBISH! It goes on for an hour to long and struggles to keep its story line. Go see this at your own risk!

We are now in the process of sorting out our flat as we move out this Saturday pretty early. We are booked on a bus heading for Sydney at 7:30am! We are very excited as it means a new phase of our trip commences and we are hooking up with Matt & Michelle again to celebrate New Year before picking up a hire car with them and driving to Adelaide over a period of 3 weeks! It should be great fun.

I hope everyone is well and still gorging on left over turkey and that tin of Quality Streets that abides everyones living room. I will once again endevour to keep you up to date with all our goings on as they happen.


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