Door to Door Art Sales

We have now been in Melbourne for a month and we have managed to secure ourselves a nice little studio flat in the heart of St Kilda. We are just a stones throw from the main high street which is full of trendy bars and restaurants and only a 10 minute walk from Acland St, which is right on the beach and another great place to go for food. We have both got ourselves into a work routine. Bobbie is working for a higher education college which she says is quite up market. She has her self a very nice desk in a very nice office and she says the work is really easy and alot of the time very boring, but its bringing in the cash. I am working with a guy selling great oil paintings to people with new homes. Its a great little money earner as long as you sell something as it is all commision based. Having said that I have been managing to make for myself $200 a day, and when I say day I mean 3 hours in the evening! I do get the odd day when I don’t sell which can be frustrating.

We haven’t really been doing much with our spare time in Melbourme as we are trying to be quite careful with our money so we can save as much as we can before we hit Sydney in time for the New Year celebration. We have obviously checked out the main city and some of its sights, we have hung out with our friends Anna & Fergus who we met in the Cook Islands and we joined in the big hoohaa that is the Melbourne Cup (which is a massive horse race similar to our Ascott) which takes place every year and is a state holiday for nearly everyone. We couldn’t afford to go the actual day but we went to the pub and won first prize of $80 in a sweep which was quite a nice suprise.

I hope everyone at home is doing well and enjoying the first icy grip of winter. We are enjoying an adverage of 25 degrees at the moment but it actually snowed on Wednesday just gone which is obvioulsy very strange for this time of year.

Also if anyone is interested please check out these bands I have been hearing alot of recently. The first is Wolfmother who recently won a few awards at the Arias and the second band is John Butler Trio who I just saw perform on TV.  I need to write them down so I don’t forget, but check them out and let me know what you think.

Big HELLO to Matt & Michelle, enjoy the rugby match on Saturday and sorry I didnt reply to your txt as I have temporarily lost my phone!


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