Rhombus – Future Reference

When we were staying in Wanaka, New Zealand, I got listening to a group called Rhombus.

"They are a diverse and colorful crew, based in Wellington – New Zealand, combining soulful vocals and conscious lyrical MC’s, brilliantly mixed with high-tech world class production flavours of hip hop soul dubreggae/housejazzbreaks and drops of world music influences."

The album I was listening to was called Future Reference and it pretty much blew me away. The mix of music genres is done very elegantly, it can glide from hip-hop to reggae to drum and bass without you really noticing until the music is blazing from the speakers! My only regret was not buying a copy when we were still in NZ because I am having real trouble locating any of there albums here in Oz. Can someone back home do me a huge favour and see if Rhombus – Future Reference is available to buy in the UK stores or on iTunes and if there first album is available as well?! At least if I know I can buy it when I get home I won’t regret not buying it in NZ!

Let me know guys, cheers!


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