Melbourne – St Kilda

Hi Everyone,

We arrived in Melbourne on Friday 20th October and was met with cloudy wet weather! Not what I was expecting of Oz. But since Friday the weather has been warm and sunny so maybe it was just a lapse? We booked ourselves into The Ritz Backpackers in trendy St Kilda. The hostel in all honestly is quite bad! Our room was situated right above the band stage in the pub below. We have been woken up about 1am on Friday, Saturday & Sunday night by horrendous drumming that reverberates through our bed, through us and then around the room! So today we got the hell out of there and into a much nicer hostel around the corner. We have also found ourselves a flat! We move in on Saturday and although its small its quite bright and looks very clean. Its going to cost us $300 a week though so we need to get jobs pronto! Speaking of jobs, I have an interview on Thursday as a photographer taking photos of kids sitting on Santa’s lap in a shopping mall! Should be quite a funny job if I get it. Wish me luck.

Oh! just to let everyone know, we managed to sell our van we travelled around NZ with for quite a good price and in the end it cost us 250 quid to drive the whole of NZ, which is pretty sweet!

Ok thats pretty much it for now, we will let you know how the job huntings goes!


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