New Zealand: The South Island part 2

Well Bobbie and I are nearly at the end of our tour of New Zealand. Today we arrived in Christchurch and set about getting our van cleaned and sorted out before we took it to the Backpackers Car Market. We have paid for a 3 day pitch and hopefully we will have some interest in that time but it seems business is slow, so we will have to see! We need to sell it before Friday next week as we fly to Oz and are of no need for a brown crappy van!

It has been a while since I posted about our adventures but I think I got to Greymouth and the caving last time. Well since then we have travelled about alot and saw some quite spectacular things. Our first spectacle was down the road from Greymouth in the small town of Franz Josef home of the Franz Josef Glacier. This glacier is the steepest commercial glacier in the world and we spent 7 hours hiking around on it. The ice that forms the glacier is  a very blue colour which is quite striking at times and makes for a great photo (coming soon I promise). As part of our full day hike we were allowed to carry ice axes around which was super cool even though you didn’t really need them. Once the day was done we all felt pretty tired and the next day we all felt like we had been hiking for 7 hours let me tell you!

After Franz Josef we drove down and took a look at the Fox Glacier but thought better of going to climb it. From there we drove down to Haast and spent the night before moving on to the beautiful town of Wanaka. Wanaka is a really pretty place and it was made even prettier by the fact we had a free place to stay.Matt and Michelle who we are travelling with know a guy from back home called Luke who now lives in Wanaka. He said it was no probs for all of us to crash at his place for as long as we wanted. This was a pretty sweet deal because we all wanted to hit the slopes and Bobbie and I wanted to learn to snowboard, which we achieved. We bought a 3 day beginners package which included lift passes, 4 lessons, board and boot hire for $310 each. We spent those three days on a ski field called Cardrona. I have to say it was an awesome 3 days and I picked it up pretty fast and buy the third day I was going down the intermediate slopes which was a real buzz. Bobs liked it as well but she found it harder to pick it up, but I was really proud of her because after 3 days she was confident enough to tear down those slopes. We had a great week and I just have to thank Luke, Marcus and Beth for letting us invade there home for 5 sweet sweet days!


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  1. Weird. I haven’t seen him since he’s been back so hadn’t heard. What are the odds of that?! Glad that you guys recognised each other.

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