Big News!

 I have a little announcement to make:

On the 22nd of September at around 7pm in front of a picturesque setting I asked my long suffering girlfriend Bobbie of 5 years  to MARRY ME!!! It was a total spur of the moment thing, I wasn’t planning on doing it until later on in the trip but the setting was so pretty that I couldn’t let it slip by without popping the question! Luckily for me she said yes and she was so suprised that she burst into tears which I wasn’t expecting! All I need to do now is buy her a ring for about $10, should get something sweet for that kind of money, hahaha!


4 Responses

  1. Nice one dude! We’re all dead chuffed here that Bobbie snared ya!Seriously, couldn’t be happier here mate!

  2. Hi Bobby and AdamGood to hear Adam is making an honest woman of you. Congrats to you both!Whens the wedding and where – you two being the globe trotters you are?

  3. Hi Bobby and AdamCongrats to you both – good to see you making an honest woman of Bobby.When and where is the wedding – with you two getting the travel bug I wonder?

  4. well done bro, very happy over here! i knew u were guna do it!! cant wiat for a PARTY! wen u get back! miss ya loads, if u go to ive got lots of pics on there, things ive been up to if u wana take a look! love ya both, em xx

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