Cook Islands

I’ve had a few requests to update my site and as we have been in the Cook Islands now for 3 weeks I can let you know what’s been going on.

We are staying on the main island in the Cooks called Rarotonga. Its a really chilled out place where most people buzz around on mopeds or ride the funky bus that comes complete with music and lots of happy people. The beaches on the west and south side are a beautiful golden/white colour (depending if the sun is out) and the sea is a stunning aqua marine and as clear as gin! The snorkeling here is very beautiful and if you stay still enough all the fish swim over to you thinking you have food, and pretty soon you are surrounded by 40/50 fish. Bobbie didn’t like it so much, she squealed alot!

The inner island has a crest of large craggy hills that stretch from one side of the island to the other. We had the pleasure of climbing up on of these hills last week. Raemaru was a 90 minute up hill slog through tropical jungle until we reached a cliff face with old knotted ropes and metal hand holds! This 15 metre climb was quite exhilarating and a tad scary on the way back down. But we both completed it and had a well deserved beer when we got back to the hostel! We have also hired out a moped and burnt around the island. This was great fun and a really great way to see the whole of Rarotonga (better than the bus as it can be quite expensive, $3 a ride!).

On Thursday last week, we took a flight to Aitutaki, "the jewel of the Cook Islands". This place is really stunning! The main island is alot smaller than Rarotonga and the town is much sleepier, but within the reef there are another 10 – 15 motu (small islands) that you can either swim to or take a cruise out to see. Whilst we were there the bottom half of the main land and about 5 motu were being taken up by the crew and contestants of Survivor. We even had the pleasure of meeting one of the crew, his name was Brian and quite drunk as it was his day off. But he had some random stories of what it is like to work in such a beautiful place. On our last day here we took an island cruise which takes you away from the main land to two motu. Here we snorkelled in 4 metre deep water (deeper than the lagoon) and saw a variety of fish and giant clams. The water wasn’t its clearest however due to storms the island had a few days previous. After snorkelling a feast of a BBQ was ready to eat. Fresh tuna was on the menu and Bobbie even eat a whole piece! (I was as stunned as you!! hehe!). Once this feast was over we were taken to these small motu and given a bit of tme on each to walk around, swim and sunbath. We even learned the correct way to de-husk and open a coconut, which is handy in a place that where all you see is palm trees.

The rest of our time on the Cooks has been split between sun bathing on the beach or ducking under cover from one of the tropical downpours. We have had a reat time here and met some really great people (you know who you are), we are a bit sad to leave I must admit. I cannot wait to get the photos up online so all you guys can check them out, but you may have to wait until New Zealand before I can upload them. It all depends if Fiji internet cafe’s allow uploading.

Right then, I think have rambled enough for one day, it doesnt seem we have done alot for 4 weeks but I cant really describe  every sunathing session now can I?!  


4 Responses

  1. Alright Ad and Bobs. I finally got around to seeing Superman and. although it seemed a little bit long towards the end, I must say that I bloody loved it! I seriously got goose bumps when everyone realised the man was back.On a more interesting note, by the time you guys get back I will be a homo-wner.

  2. Superman was OK, but didnt you find the evil plot a little weak? I mean I would have thought the writers could have used more imagination than making a large rock formation in the sea?! Maybe I will never be happy with any comic book adaptation. You should have been in the cinema with us in the USA, all the americans started cheering when the title music started playing!Coolio! Have you started looking for a place or have you already started to buy a place? You moving in with Matt or is it too soon for that? hehe!!

  3. Hey ads and bobbie.How are you both?? First time ive got to log on at work and check out ur site. Had a quick glance at ur fotos and everything looks grand (obviously enjoying urselves)family is all well. Take care.

  4. Hiya mate,Yeah everything is going well, we are now in New Zealand and have just purchased a campervan for our travels around this beautiful country.How are things with you and the family? Are you able to email us some pictures of the little ones? Take care mate and let me know your email address so I can add you to my travel list! Laters

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