New Photos!!

I have managed to find a place that allows the downloading of photo’s from a camera. The photo’s I have added are of San Francisco and work backward to Los Angeles, San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico.

Let me know what you think of them. There are no photo’s of the interior of Alcatraz as our tour is tomorrow afternoon, so these photo’s will be added later.

Enjoy and a San Francisco post is coming soon!! 


4 Responses

  1. Tee hee. An Indian restaurant named Gaylord! Genius. I’ve been travelling myself you know. Got back from Ireland a few days ago. Admittedly it’s not on quite the same scale but I did see some tractors, horses and cows so beat that!!

  2. Ha! I can beat that easy! I saw a gopher!!Nice to see you on the move mate. What part of Ireland did you go to? Send me some pics if you took any! How’s Matt and the rest of the crew?Ad

  3. Unfortunately my family and I are still not in the digital age so don’t really bother with cameras. We spent a couple of days in Dublin and then headed down to Galway to see the remnants of my family.Everyone is good in the office and Richard’s nipper is overdue so I’ll let you know what species it is when it turns up.

  4. Good to see you have had such a good time – will add San Fransico to my list of places to see – God knows when! Keep up the website its really good to see where you are and what has happened. By the way Phil has a job!!!Have a nice day you all.

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