San Diego

Hi guys!

The weeks seem to be flying by. We have really enjoyed our time in San Diego this week. Its a really chilled city totally the opposite of New York City. We arrived Monday at about 6.30pm after an almost disastrous start to the day. It all started when I asked my new found friend Javier (congrats on the Argentinian win by the way buddy) if he would mind giving us a lift to the Greyhound station. He told me “No Problem”. So 9am Monday we head to Javiers car and he opens the boot to make some room for one of our packs, mine fitted in no problem and so I shut the door. To Javiers dismay he had left his only set of keys in the boot along with my bag! DOH! After a frantic call to his rental company we were assured someone would be with us within 40mins. Now this gave us a window of about 10 mins to cross Vegas, pick up our tickets and board the bus! Never gonna happen. Fortunately the “Pop a Lock” guy turned up in just fifteen minutes, was in the car in 2 minutes and we were away a minute later with all of us breathing a sigh of relief. Once at the Greyhound station we were faced with a huge queue and only 20 minutes to pick up our tickets and board the bus, for the second time in an hour we thought we would miss the bus again. However with a little light persuasion from Bobbie a couple of people let her jump in front and we made it on the bus just in time. I can tell you that is not the way to start a 8 hour bus trip!

Big thanks to Javier once again for the interesting lift to the Greyhound, we appreciated it very much buddy!

Anyway, there isn’t a great deal to do here but its a great place to relax especially after being to Las Vegas. We are staying in the famous Gas Lamp district which used to be city’s red light area. We spent Tuesday walking around the Seaport Village, which is very picturesque. We also had a walk along the harbour area and saw a 2nd world war aircraft carrier called the U.S.S San Diego. Wednesday and Thursday was spent checking out some Californian beaches, mainly Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. Both great beaches with awesome waves, the latter however is mainly a surf beach and therefore alot less busy. Friday we took a tour to Tijuana, Mexico with our hostel. It only cost $5 on the tram and we got to see what life is like on the other side of the border. Most of these people are very poor and will do anything for you to come and see there wares. Its quite a tourist attraction for the Americans as they can hook themselves up with pretty much any prescription drug for a fraction of the price the US would charge. It was nice to move away from the border as well because we got to see some of the real Tijuana, which some people might not get to see. It was an experience! Friday night we went out with a few people we have met since being here and had a great night on only $20 each.

Its been a great place to visit and I’m glad we took the advice of the guys in the Las Vegas hostel, because we have met some great people and seen some cool stuff.

I hope you are all looking forward to the England match tomorrow, its on at 8am over here so we are not planning on having a late night.

I hope everyone is well and still enjoying the read. Sorry if I ramble!

Take care all and…




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