Photo’s and Video’s

Hurrah! There is now physical evidence that we have been to the places I have been writing about. It took a while but a kind Canadian fellow by the name of Josh lent me his laptop for a few hours so I could transfer all my pictures and videos to this site. If you would like to view my photo’s then please click on anyone of the moving images on the far right, a new window will open you can then select the slideshow button which is located somewhere on the right hand side of the image you selected. This will enable you to play our photo’s from the most recent and then backwards from there.

Also you can download and watch a video I made from the top of the Empire State Building. If you would like to do this then please click here. I do have more videos to share but unfortunatly I was unable to transfer them over from the camera because the laptops battery was slowing ebbing away. I will get these on the site as soon as I am able.

I didn’t think I would have this much trouble transfering my photos onto a computer, but it seems internet cafes are so afraid of getting virus’s that they don’t allow any access to USB or Firewire ports!

Anyway I hope you all enjoy the photo’s and the video. Let me know your comments.



5 Responses

  1. Hey thereGreetings from EB. Being local I stumbled across your blog and thought it rude not to say hi!Top photos btw.Cheers, have fun!

  2. Hello,Nice watch and glasses you have there; You have good styles. Looks like you’ve been having fun during your first two weeks and I hope it continues. You may want to cut down on the pizza though as you’re starting to look American (if you know what I mean). See ya!

  3. Ryan, I see you haven’t lost your sarcastic ways! : )Have been eating alot less since being here.Its quite hard to get away from the fast food culture though as fruit and vegetables are alot more expensive here.

  4. That explains a lot and is quite an interesting fact. Do you really see me ever losing my sarcasm? It would take someone pretty special to affect a change like that!Keep those little cultural nuggets coming big boy 😉

  5. Yo DudesWe missed you at the engagement party! Where were you! I’m at your mum & dads and we’ve just had breakfast. There are some sore heads. All went well and casualties were kept to a minimum. I’m taking Kerry & Philly for a walk to do some head clearing. You seem to be having a great time. Great to read of your adventures. Wish you both all the best and take care.

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