Las Vegas

Howdy all from Las Vegas!

We have been enjoying the 40 degree heat of this lively city since Monday now and at first it was quite hard to deal with especially as I picked up a cold from somewhere and it made it impossible to breath! But after a few days you learn to acclimatise and not use the air-con in your room so much. The strip of Las Vegas is quite something with each hotel/casino offering you something a little different. For example when we entered the MGM Grand we were faced with a large lion enclosure with a lion living inside of it (obviously). This was something we weren’t expecting and it was really cool. The rest of the strip hits you in a similar way with lights here and errupting volcanoes there, its all designed to overload all of your senses. We pretended we were guests of Caesars Palace which got us back to the pool area and Neptunes Bar where we downed a few drinks and chatted to the barman before getting out of there sharpish before we were rumbled (lots of fun).

Yesterday we took a trip to the Grand Canyon which was absolutely stunning and well worth the 5 hour bus ride there and 5 hours back. I do have photo’s to show you all but I am still working on getting them from the camera to the site. I would recommend anyone to come vist the Grand Canyon as seeing it on the TV or in pictures just doesn’t do it justice.

I will try to elaborate on the things we have done in my next post as I am running out of credit and need to hit the OK button pretty soon.

Oh…we have decided to divert from our original journey slightly and go and visit San Diego after Las Vegas as everyone we have met has told us it is great, this conversation came about after we told these people we were heading to LA,  we were met with negative thoughts on the city and were told to stay only a few days and go see a better place such as San Diego. So that is our plan at the moment.

Until next time…..


3 Responses

  1. Dude!All the way over there… I wondered why you weren’t on MSN- DOH!Sounds amazing what you’re up to. I’d love to do the same in a few years time. I’m going to go and read all your posts now to catch up.Laters mofo,J

  2. I didn’t miss much then…where’s all the photos dude? I have big respect for you doing this; really happy for ya 🙂

  3. Hi mate, sorry I didn’t make it around to see ya before I left. Went abit crazy trying to sort out things for the trip. Photo’s are being uploaded as I type. Check them out!!! I will be in touch dudexx

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