Week has flown by…

This week has absolutely flown by, I can’t belive its Sunday already! We have been very busy this week and I dont think I have ever walked so much in all my life! Yesterday was the most eventful as we managed to walk from 83rd street right down to the Staten Island Ferry, including ambling through the East Village, Little Italy and China Town. From there we walked to World Trade Centre site and was quite taken back by the devastation that is still there after nearly 5 years! After that we walked right up Broadway to Times Square. By this time our legs and feet were not impressed and we had to get the Subway back to the hostel (the only time we have used it since arriving last Monday!) Its been a great week and I have some good photos to show you all, I just wish I could upload them. We are up early tomorrow and setting off to Viva Las Vegas! Woohoo! Can’t wait to get hit by that 40 Degree heat!

Until then I am off to nurse some slight sunburn I received today even though I was wearing sun block!

Oh, also we have seen our first Celebrity! On our way home on Wednesday, about a block from the hostel I saw Matt Dilon walking towards me with some blonde!!!! He stops about 6 feet away and waits to cross the same road Bob’s and I are waiting to cross. I couldn’t place him  at first but it suddenly hit me about half way over the road! How cool, huh?

Anyway, speak to all you guys soon.


3 Responses

  1. I hope your sunburn’s better

  2. Just about, got a slight tan now as well : )

  3. hi ad i cant believe u didnt get his autogrqaph or even a pic! if this post looks a bit fuuny i cant write coz im a bit ill!! glad to hear u and bobs are having a gd time! em xx

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