2 Days In

So far we have been very busy in The Big Apple as you might expect.

On Tuesday we were out of our hostel by 7.45am and took a walk through Central Park. Our hostel is located about half way up the park and about a block in which isn’t very far to walk. The sun was shining and the park is very beautiful if not a little surreal. We emerged from the bottom of the park right on 5th Avenue and just kept on walking until we hit Trump Towers where we stopped and drank a coffee and ate a donught in the most plush Starbucks I have ever seen. We then migrated from there to a few shops on 5th Avenue making our way to the Empire State Building, we didn’t stop here because we plan to go up at dusk and watch the sun set! We then walked  onto Macy’s, Madison Square Garden, The Flat Iron Building and Grand Central Station before cutting through Times Square on our way back to Central Park. By this time I had acquired a few blisters from my new "comfortable" sandals! We ended the day by having a Jack Daniels and being in bed by 8pm!

Wednesday we were up a little later and were greeted by rain which was a surprise. So we decided to take a trip to the American Natural History Mueseum which is just a few blocks from our hostel. This place is absolutely massive and to gain perspective on just how big this place is, it took us 2 hours to look around the Dinosaur exhibit which is on one floor. There are another 3 floors and we spent a total of 6 hours checking out the other exhibits. Our feet were once again taking a pounding. However on the way to our hostel we stopped off at Big Nicks and ate 2 huge burgers washed down with 2 cold beers which eased our pain greatly : )

Unfortunately I cannot yet post photos on my site as the computers at the hostel don’t allow it for some reason, so as soon as I am able I will hook you guys up with something more visual.

Until then you will have make do with my poorly constructed sentences.


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2 Responses

  1. hiya ad and bobs, glad everythng is going well, i have had a brill wk off, its benn 22c this wk and today (friday is 27c)!! im brown and a bit red on my back!! i dont no if ur getting these coz ur not replying, u must be busy!!! if u see anyone famous i would like a autograph!!! hehe!! em xx

  2. Hi Em, Yep getting your messages, been busy with lots to see. Check out my latest post for all the info. Glad to hear your week off was good. Speak to you soonAdxx

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