Last Day In UK!

When I started this blog in October 2005 I may have mentioned a small around the world trip I am taking with my long suffering girlfriend Bobbie. Well that time has finally come and this very post will be the last that I make from the UK. As from 5.30pm tomorrow UK time, we will have planted our feet firmly on New York soil. Quite a lot of planning has gone into this trip and we are obviously very excited as well a little aprehensive.

I would just like to mention to everyone we know, we will miss you all very much and try not to get to jealous when pictures of crystal clear blue waters and white sandy beaches find their way onto this site! (sorry had to get that last jibe in).

Well the packing has been done and the bags only weigh half a ton each! I think we both are pretty much prepared for any situation (including lighting a fire with waterproof matches) and if we aren’t then its to damn late!

So to all that care, see you in a year and the next post will be coming live from the Big Apple.

To all that don’t care, come back sometime because you may enjoy it.

Also keep an eye on the Flickr account which appears as a bunch of small moving images to the right of this post. If you click anyone of these images it will take you to a seperate page which will allow you to view all our images in their full size glory!

Take care all and you will be hearing from me very soon!

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  1. Have a great time mate! See you when you get back in the iNet offices for a game of Cs!! 😀

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