When I attended university a good friend of mine used to rave about a deodorant he was using, all I used to hear was that he didn’t need to apply it everyday and it was aluminum free. Back then I didn’t really take much notice of what he was talking about, but it occurred to me a few weeks ago that this maybe a useful tool when traveling. So I phoned that good friend up and asked him what that deodorant was and did he still use it? He told me he was and has never stopped using it, he told me it was called Trust and that I should give it ago.So for the past week and a half I have been road testing Trust to see if it is as good as my friend says it is. I have to say so far I have been very impressed.Trust is a unique herbal aluminium-free deodorant, which comes in a type of paste/cream. One application can eliminate perspiration odour for 3-6 days. It does this by killing the bacteria in your sweat that creates body odor. The effectiveness of Trust is not effected by washing, swimming, soap or climate. So far I have gone three days without having to reapply it, I think the more I use it the more my body will adapt to it.The reason why aluminium shouldn’t be used in deodorants is because it is absorbed by the skin and has been linked with many cases of breast cancer (men and women). If you would like to learn more about this subject then click here. Tags: : : :


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