Great Week

Just got back from spending a great week with my family in the Shire. It was really cool to just chill out with them and have a few laughs. We took my Mum out to dinner last Sunday to The George Inn, where they serve great food and great local ale (Old Spot being my favourite). Being my Mum’s 50th she got quite merry and we all laughed like little kids when she attempted the walk home!We spent the next three days chilling out, going to Cheltenham for lunch (Nandos!) and having a few drinks. I hooked up with my good friend Hugo who I have known for 15 years, and we spent the evening drinking pint after pint and reminising over the old days. On the Thursday we all got up early and went to Drayton Manor Park, which is just north of Birmingham. We spent the day either getting wet on water rides or scaring ourselves half to death being dropped 150 feet at speeds of 90 miles an hour. Very cool day!Friday was a sad day for the Cook family as we said goodbye to my dear Nana. She passed on the previous Thursday and she had a very lovely service and great send off. So here’s to you Nana, we will all miss you very much. I hope you will continue to smile down on us always.So there we have it, a great week with a sad low point but had plenty of laughs to bring us out the other side. Not sure if I’m going to see my family again before we go on our adventure, so take care all of you and I am looking forward to seeing you all again in around a years time. Love you all loads and loads. Tags: : : :


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  1. hi i like the "great week", its very true about the laughs we had, and when you were writin this you had no idea we were coming down to see you, well until grandma spoiled it a little!!! miss u , em x

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