Donations please…

I know its a tad cheeky and I probably should have thought of doing it about 4 months ago but at the top of this page (if you haven’t already seen) is a Paypal Donate button that will allow you to donate a spare $10 to mine and my girlfriend’s travel fund. I was reading another blog earlier and it had a “donate $4 to my dental fund” button, and I thought that isn’t a bad idea!These helpful dollars could help us out when we reach Oz and we are a tad strapped and need to buy noodles so we can feed our withering frames! So if anyone out there is feeling generous and would like to help out a couple of travel bums then please feel free to help us out! Both of us would be very grateful and touched by your generosity. 


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  1. Have fun guys – not that we are MADLY jealous or anything. We’ve always wanted to go travelling and experience what you guys are about to (well by the time you read this your probably well on your way).But we never quite got it together – these days its tricky enough going to Tescos with a two year old! Let alone flying!Keep the pictures coming – enjoyed looking at the ones from the parties!! but everyone looks drunk (especially Sam & Martin – man can they drink!)Be Safe – Have FunS, P & A

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