Boot Camp

Last month I posted about a competition that was held to see who could be the first person to install and run Windows XP on an Intel Core Duo iMac. The winner was a coder called narf2006 and he won a nice cash prize of $13000. Anyway, it seems Apple had foreseen this and had been one step ahead (no doubt) with the creation of Boot Camp. This was officially released yesterday and will help a user to install XP, by partitioning off a section of their hard drive. When the Mac is rebooted you will then have the option to either boot up OS X or XP. This piece of software will be integrated into Apple’s new operating system ‘Leopard’ which will be officially seen by the w0rld in August at their Worldwide Developer Conference. For a more detailed description of this sortware please click here, or if you own a Intel Core Duo iMac and want to try out Boot Camp then you can find it here.


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