Windows on the Mac!

Windows has arrived on the Mac! Not quite sure how to take this news. Last month a competition was launched by a Colin Nederkoorn to prove to his boss that replacing an IBM desktop PC with a MacBook Pro made sense because the machine would run Windows XP natively as well as Mac OS X. The prize for the person who could achieve this was $13,000 (random number I must say). The apparent winner is a coder who goes by the handle narf2006 and who has posted a video of the boot in process. Mr Nederkoorn has declared narf2006 the winner even though no one really knows if this is just a well designed hoax.I guess people will find owning a Mac that also boots Windows rather appealing but being a purist I would rather stick to just OS X and leave it at that.I would be interested in other peoples opinions on the matter.


3 Responses

  1. Nice to see what people can do (and that apparently some unnamed M$ developers can’t) – get Windows to work effectively with an EFI (not BIOS) layer. Could be a hoax, but I reckon this is actually a nice exercise in the somewhat pointless.What do I mean by pointless? Well, would you buy a Ferrari and put a Ford engine in it? I know there’s nothing too wrong with Fords, but you just wouldn’t replace the hunk of Italian forged steel cheetah that is the Ferrari’s engine with a Fiesta’s 1 litre puppy, would you?Well that is exactly what you’re doing when you run Windows on a Mac. The Mac comes with what is, imo, the best commercial OS available in terms of robustness and sheer productivity enhancing features. When you put Windows on a Mac you lose all that.Yeah, you can then run Windows applications, but so what?! With Virtual PC you get the same deal and you still get to keep the Ferrari engine that is Mac OS. And I heard recently, from a pretty good source, that M$’s next version of Virtual PC will take full advantage when it is running on a Mactel platform. Forget dual-booting, that’s so passe. Think running Windows and smartly running alongside Mac OS – now that’s more like it!

  2. Seems the 13,000 figure was what the prize ended up being. Originally it was 100 bucks from the guy who wanted a macbookpro rather than a regular pc, but then other individuals and organisations piled in and the value shot up.Seems there’s lots of interest in running windoze on a macbookpro – and to be honest I can see the value of being able to boot into Big Bill’s Brainchild occasionally to run an accounting package or something.

  3. Finally I can tell people about this! Bootcamp has been sitting around in Apple’s stores for a little while now (while they enjoyed the notoriety publicity of Windows being ‘hacked’ onto a Mac). However, as of yesterday Apple came out of the proverbial closet with Bootcamp (see – native Windows, on a Mac, nice and simple and with all the drivers that you’d need to make XP run faster on a Mac (see let’s look forward to Leopard and dual Virtualisation-based OSs running side by side – that’s when things really get interesting.

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