Mini Intel

Apple have released another product powered by the Intel Core Duo. This time the Mac Mini joins the iMac and MacBook Pro in Intel exellence. The Mac Mini now boasts up to 4x faster processor speeds plus a whole new system architecture and an improved expansion selection (USB2.0 etc). I would say the original G4 Mini is perfect for people who use their Mac’s just to surf the web, listen to iTunes and look and their images on iPhoto (pretty standard stuff), however I know that if you try to push the Mini’s capabilitys, say in the Photoshop or Dreamweaver area, the machine can become sluggish and unresponsive. It would be interesting to see if the introduction of Intel irons these problems out in the new model. I personally am waiting to see what will replace the G5 Quad, will it be just a straight swap? Intel Core Duo Quad perhaps??

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