The Feejee Experience

One of the things Bobbie and I are looking forward to doing on our travels is the Feejee Experience. This is basically a hop on hop off bus tour of this paradise island. The pass you purchase will allow 6 months of unlimited travel giving you a lot of freedom on how long you want to stay in each particular place you visit. The Feejee experience is designed to take you too places few people outside of the island know about. Traipse through rainforest, take part in traditional Fijian ceremonies, bathe in mud pools, go tubing down rivers and much more. Personally I fancy doing all of that plus chilling out on a beach and drinking rum!

Below is the route that the Feejee experience takes you on. Both of us are very excited about this part of our trip, we just wish June would hurry up and come around so we can be off!


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