Tonbridge £25m – £50m Robbery

depot.jpgI’m sure you have all heard about the huge raid of the Securitas depot in Tonbridge, Kent that happened Tuesday evening. The robbers kidnapped the depot manager and at the same time kidnapped his wife and young child. The family was then brought to the depot in Vale Road and the manager was forced to let the robber into the compound. Fourteen staff members were threatened, tied up and kept in a room whilst the money was carted into a truck and the gang drove off early Wednesday morning.

So far 3 people have been arrested and taken in for questioning. 

Now the incredible thing about this is, the depot is 2 minutes walk away from where I work. We walk past this building on the way to Sainsburys during a typical lunch hour. We couldn’t believe it when we heard the news!

The biggest haul in British history has certainly put little Tonbridge on the map.

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  1. I also did a post about this over at rashbre central.You should put up a couple of ‘unique’ crime scene pictures taken from your phone!Best.

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