Charlie’s Challenge

At the start of this week, a site I built went "Live". Its called Charlie’s Challenge and its a charity site that helps raise and builds awarness about brain tumours in children.

Charlie’s Challenge was established in 1993 after Charlie Boutwood, then aged 20 months, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour.
Having had an emergency eight hour operation which was only able to remove 3/4 of the tumour, he endured a testing year of intense chemotherapy followed by 6 weeks of radiotherapy which meant a general anaesthetic every day. Against the odds he has made a remarkable recovery and is now enjoying life to the full, which in itself is a great inspiration to help find a cure. Tragically many other young sufferers have not been so fortunate.

I thought that as it is such a good charity I would give it some exposure on this site. If you have a spare minute visit the site’s link below and have a look at some of the stuff Charlie’s Challenge has achieved. If you have a blog of your own, please post the link on your site, so this great charity can spread some awareness.


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