Had a drunken weekend in Uxbridge this weekend. Went up to Brunnel University to visit Mr Richard Miles. Bobbie and I stayed at the luxurious Hotel Rich, where each room has different odor!! : ) It was a wicked one tho, we all went out to Loco’s (Student Union Bar) where we had a run in with a new (I want to impress) bouncer. He made us go home to get some ID so we could prove who we are!! What did he think we were going to do? Blow the place up? We had cash to spend, but this hapless bouncer was more worried when Bobbies driving licence was valid till. Absolutely ridiculous! This bouncer also took a dislike to Rich after he muttered "F**king T*at". I cant see where the problem was, Rich was only stating the obvious! hahaha!! It was still a good night tho and we all got very drunk. Big thanks to Rich (good to see you again boy) and big thanks to ST for the lend of his bed.


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