I Recently found a great blog called BlogSEO, containing some great information about pretty much every aspect of SEO. Being new to the whole blog thing, I posted a few questions:

"How do I get page ranking? I understand that its mainly about who links to your page, but im really struggling to get even 50 people who will link to me, is there a better way? Also ive been shown how to check my links to my site by typing in, but it doesnt work in google at all, my site is registered with them, why dont my links show up? How can I rectify this, so all search engines see my links?"

Ignat (creator of BlogSEO) came back with some great answers to these questions and for that I am greatful! If you are, like me, new to the whole blog thing then check out whats written below.

"Q: How do I get PageRank?
A: PageRank is a tool, developed by Google to inform web surfers of how "important" your site is. In other words, Google uses a special formula that depends on the number of links pointing to your site, their PageRank (PR), and a few other things you can probably find out from Google’s March 2005 patent. Unfortunately, PR is not a "live" statistic. Google runs PR updates every now and then in periods of anywhere between a month to two months. During this update, Google refreshes all links in its index and calculates PR for every domain. As a consequence, if you are a new blog/site, you may not see your PR for a while.

Q: Does my PR affect my Google rank?
A: Yes and no. I am leaning more towards the no side. Although incoming links do play a role in your "importance", SEO has a much larger effect on your Google rank. In other words, take time writing content and doing basic SEO. When you have all of it done, incoming links will come naturally. Trust me.

Q: How come returns no results?
A: When you type, results you get are sites linking to you that have a PR4 or higher (or is it PR5 and above? Not very sure). To see all incoming links, type in "" (yes, use quotation marks) in Google and hit Search.

Q: How can I make my site visible to search engines other than Google?
A: Every search engine uses spiders to crawl the web and index its content. You can allow your site to be indexed by writing a robots.txt file and saving it to the root directory of your domain.

Q: My site has been up for ages, how come I’m still not getting any Google traffic?
A: Sandbox.

Q: How can I get traffic while still Sandboxed?
A: I got something on everything.

These are what I think the most common questions asked by bloggers who just starting to get into SEO and traffic building. I obviously haven’t answered everything, but I encourage you to search BlogSEO and chances are that you will find something useful."

If anyone else has any other useful information like that above, then please dont hesitate to post your comments.

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  1. Adam,Glad you found BlogSEO useful and I’m happy I could help you out. There are quite a few things missing from my Q&A I’m sure, but I’ll definately let you know if anything else comes to mind.-Ignat

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